Kellogg Garden Products
Trusted by gardeners for 85 years

When it comes to your garden, you want the perfect blend of soil—rich in nutrients and full of wholesome ingredients—for your plants to sink their roots into. Kellogg Garden Products offers a wide range of nourishing products to feed your flowers. Each soil and fertilizer is formulated with the needs of specific plants and projects in mind.

Kellogg Fertilizer FamilyNatural & Organic Fertilizers
Our line of organic fertilizers will have exactly what you need to keep your flowering plants blooming and fruit trees bearing. Each organic blend is specifically tailored to give your plants exactly what they need. What better way to keep your natural fruits and veggies growing, than to feed them wholesome, organic fertilizer? Our fertilizers are pure and natural; they do not contain any chemicals or harmful additives. Find out more about our fertilizers here.

Kellogg Soils FamilyQuality Kellogg Soils
For soil that is ideally blended to suit your plants, choose one of the many varieties offered by Kellogg. Whether you are just getting started with your garden, repotting a plant you’ve loved for years, or trying to give a flower bed a warm mulchy blanket for the coming season, Kellogg has the perfect soil, amendment, or topper for the job. Find out more about our soils here.


For the last 85 years gardeners have trusted Kellogg’s products to nourish their lawns, fruits, flowers and trees. Visit Kellogg’s Website for more information on Kellogg Garden Products.